Sunblind-cleaner LR-180-GTR


What is the best way to clean external blinds?
The easiest way!

External blinds must withstand wind and weather, dirt and emissions. Keeping external blinds clean is not just a question of optical appearance. In order to maintain the value and functionality of cost-intensive external blinds, it is necessary to clean them regularly – and as professionally as possible. Otherwise, environmental influences will affect their surface. This is an unwanted effect which is even made worse by solar radiation.

Your cleaning specialist Cleantecs offers you their LR-180-GTR cleaner which is a clever solution for cleaning your external blinds fast and in an environmentally friendly way. With its low weight of 1.9 kg, the cleaner is easy to use, maintain and care. This is made possible by its innovative motor-less technology with a water turbine propelling the cleaning brushes. The distance between brushes can be individually adjusted with a handle. Due to the quick-change system, brushes can be easily replaced.



New: Comfortable spindle adjustment as standard
The brushes can be continuously variably adjusted by simply rotating the spindle which is now integrated
for free as standard equipment.

New: Hydro turbine blade for additional 20% of power
The new water flow concept of the turbine blade results in an additional power of 20% – and thus
in even better cleaning properties.

New: External blinds with a size of 50 mm can now be cleaned professionally
Two additional mounted support brushes prevent damage to the sensitive 50 mm blinds. At the same
time the brush is used to the necessary counter pressure that is needed for a successful purification.

New: Splash guard


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 LR-180-GTR Brush Ø 50Brush Ø 60 Brush Ø 70Brush Ø 80Brush Ø 95
Pressure max.
160 bar
160 bar
160 bar160 bar160 bar
Temperature max.60°C60°C
Flow rate 11 l/min11 l/min
11 l/min11 l/min11 l/min
Weight ca.
1,9 kg1,9 kg
1,9 kg1,9 kg1,9 kg
Blinds width
50 mm
60 mm
70 mm
80 mm
90-100 mm
Connection M 22x1,5 AGM 22x1,5 AG
M 22x1,5 AGM 22x1,5 AGM 22x1,5 AG
Order no.




Comfortable transport case

Satisfi es the highest demands in terms of transport packaging for our products.
The large internal space in combination with our high-stability sandwich frame
construction meets strictest requirements. For a maximum of safety for the equipment.
Order no. 99.5700



We recommend Kränzle HD-12/130 (11 l/min, 130 bar, 30 kg). The water pressure can easily be adjusted until the desired speed of the LR-180-GTR is reached.
Incl. spray gun lance and high-pressure hose DN 10, 10 m
Order no. HD-12/130

... Original operating manual


Water filter systems  WF 12000 Clean

WF12000 Clean
Result: Partially demineralised water of excellent quality. Order no. 99.5700.850
Replacement cartridge. Order no. 66.5700.850



Brush set Ø 50, 60, 70, 80, 95 mm

Brush set (3 brushes) Ø 50 for 50 mm blinds width. Order no. 66.5721.0150
Brush set (3 brushes) Ø 60 for 60 mm blinds width. Order no. 66.5721.0160
Brush set (3 brushes) Ø 70 for 70 mm blinds width. Order no. 66.5721.0170
Brush set (3 brushes) Ø 80 for 80 mm blinds width. Order no. 66.5721.0180
Brush set (3 brushes) Ø 95 for 90 and 100 mm blinds width. Order no. 66.5721.0195

LR-180-GTR - Splash guard

The new available splash guard ensures that during cleaning remains dry.
Order no. 99.5721.100